Professional private investigations

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We provide an immediate first report. Thereafter, we provide regular status reports. Reports are full-format with attachments – photographs, diagrams, recorded statements, as may be required. We maintain computerized estimating programs for property adjustments. We can report to you through regular mail, fax, or e-mail communications. In some instances, such as Catastrophes or special requests, we can and do provide “short” reports.


We are licensed with the State of Michigan and fully insured to $1,000,000, including E&O.


We immediately report all risk hazards observed during our investigation.


Labor: $55.00 P/H
Mileage: .43 P/M *
Setup: .4
Office: .2
CAT: Negotiated

*Mileage will never exceed 120 miles or $51.60 for the entire trip. Drive-time will never exceed 2 hours, or 1 hour either way, anywhere in Michigan. We pro-rate in the case of multiple claim assignments.


We provide simple, clear invoices for your quick review and payment. We normally bill at the conclusion of an adjustment. In the case of an extended claim, we may submit an interim invoice for your approval.


We cover the entire State of Michigan. We can provide CAT coverage to out-of-State Catastrophes.


Our goal is to provide a thorough investigation and timely resolution that satisfies the principles of indemnity and attempts to satisfy all parties involved, whether it be insured, claimant, carrier, or agent.


We bring 28 years of experience to provide you with a quick, professional, and reasonably priced adjustment. We provide full or partial adjustments. We tailor all of our investigations to your needs and any special requirements.

We make no coverage opinions or offers without your prior express approval. We are careful not to waive any of your rights during the investigation process. 


We make immediate contact with the insured or claimant upon our notice of the claim. We confirm receipt of your claim referral and advise as to the status of our contacts. We provide you with a quick first report and reserve recommendation following contact with the insured or claimant. We provide 24-7 service. 


We present a positive, professional image for your Company. We are polite, well-groomed, and knowledgeable. We show proper regard for the special problems policyholders or claimants may be facing due to an insurance loss.

We realize your policyholders are your important present and future customers. We realize that claimants may become your future customers. We approach all people with respect, concern, and empathy. 

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